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Old faithful

Yes, the old faithful.  We like to remind you that we stock standard (100-175 psi), medium high pressure 500-1000 psi) and high pressure (3500- 5000 psi) air compressors.  It is our goal to be able to deliver equipment in a timely manner. 


There are always new news, we try to do our best to always let you know! 

In the workshop

Pacific Engineering is expanding our Pickering, ON facilities in  2014, this will give us more needed warehouse space.

New project

We are completing our project for one of Toronto’s major rail station.  Providing them with “ground air” compressed air.  Pacific Ranger Model LC 1020 units are being utilized.


We are woring on our new website.  Those of you who visited us in the pass will see a drastic change.   We hope to be able to provide information that will help you in your day to day activities.