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Since 1978, we have worked closely with clients to provide specialized engineering and techinical support.  We have collaborated with others where projects requires specialized attention and expertise.

How we can help

We offer a full suite of Engineering, Procurement and Implementation services to a diverse list of clients, with particular focus in factory and rail yard infrastructure.   Pacific Engineering Inc places great importance on developing  a relationship with our clients, vendors, and associates. A plant manager has his/hers plate full.  A new equipment is required to be implemented, we can work with your supplier or can help with the acquisition, installation and commissioning of the equipment.   Areas where we have helped our clients.   A fork lift truck accidentally hit a support beam in the factory and requires to be replaced.  An increase in staff requires an extra office, lunch room or restroom.   Back up emergency power, where a plant must be on task 24/7 and electricity is a must. Auto manufacturing, supply, install and maintaining assembly line inftrastructure. Automtive dealership, maintaining the infrastructure in an automobile dealership.  Repair and redesign damaged signs and lighting system to vacuum assisted oil extraction system from an engine. Railyard infrasture.  Maintaing the “ground air” to run smoothly 24/7.


Pacific Engineering was involved in setting up and maintaining several of automotive sub assembly plants. We designed, procure, install state-of-the are automated lines.  
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We designed and installed a solarwall system similar to the above picture for a major college in Southern Ontarion.
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When it comes to maintaining a commercial aircraft or even a military one compressed air is a necessary utility.  We were fortunate to have been involved with both.  
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