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High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

 We offer high pressure breathing air systems compressors,  containment fill stations and air cascade systems.

                                                         rotary screw air compressors

Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The range of industrial rotary screw air compressors encompasses innovation and technology throughout. From 3 – 300 HP we offer the most energy efficient and reliable products incorporating the most advanced Rotary screw compressor technology, in oil free, oil less and lubricated format suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.


Oil-Less Scroll Enclosure Air Compressors

Anest Iwata was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil less scroll compressors.  As air demand fluctuates during the day, the multiple air-end control systems allows you to adjust and save money. The scroll is the best-selling oil less air compressor.


Reciprocating Air Compressors

Our  heavy-duty industrial air compressors ranges from 1 to 30 HP and is ideal for demanding industrial environments.

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Air Treatment & Accessories

Managing production efficiency, product quality, environmental issues and lower costs are vitally important to all sectors of industry. The preparation and treatment of your compressed air is a critical aspect to the design of any system. Our range of refrigerated and adsorption dryers, filtration, condensate separators and airline accessories provide all that you need to guarantee clean and dry compressed air providing increased efficiency and lower costs.

                                                             air management

Energy Savings & Air Management Systems

Technological advances means that our products are more energy efficient than ever. We don’t just stop there however and we offer a design and support facility aimed at maximising your efficiency and reducing costs. We are experts in the employment of controls and systems which along with our leading technology including permanent magnet motor, variable speed compressors provide a significant advantage in terms of energy management. Simplify your operations by automating your air compressors and monitoring and managing your compressed air system remotely.

Air Pipe Systems

Compressed air plays a key role in almost all production processes. Leaks in the system lead to production losses with the related consequential costs. As a manufacturer of quality products, you therefore have the same high demands on your compressed air network as on all other plant components. 

The best guarantee for clean compressed air is a high quality, completely sealed pipe system. In compressed air systems of lower quality, on the other hand, a large number of different polluting substances can be detected. The dirt particles are aspirated by the compressor together with the ambient air or are formed inside the system, especially in older machines – whether by corrosion or by other causes.



Sprinkler Air Compressors

We manufacture a comprehensive range of compact, self-contained air compressors suitable for dry, pre-action, alternate or tail-end sprinkler systems. Our compressors are manufactured with or without air receivers, or for low-pressure applications; numerous options and variations are available to order to solve any problem – something which most of the competition would struggle to do.



Medical Applications of Air Compressors

The tremendous diversity in the application of compressed air as an energy source results in many applications involving different solutions. Our range includes compressors for dental and surgical applications, HP compressors for breathing air and paintball, high pressure boosters and project based systems designed for theme parks and for the transportation industry.


Special equipment 

The vacuum system was developed for industries that wanted minimal maintenance and advanced vacuum technology. The non-contact design features a vacuum system for waste removal, medical, laboratory or industrial applications.