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Complete Engineering Services

We provide design and implementation of pneumatic, hydraulic and automation services. 

Pneumatic Equipment

In a typical factory compressed air is an important utility.  This utility is generated by a set of equipment starting with an air compressor.  As most production machinery in a factory requires clean dry compressed air.  The air compressor is accompanied with an aftercooler, prefilter, air dryer and an after filter.   An air receiver is also an integral part of the system.   Pacific Engineering design and implement the right combination to match the application.  We hope you give us an opportunity to serve you when you have a need for compressed air.     


A well made and looked after air compressor like other equipment will last for many years.  Some companies that made these compressor may have gone our of business, changed owenership, changed name etc.  We have helped clients with parts for units in this situation.  We can we you stop for all your parts requirments for different makes that might be in your plant.      

Different Makes

Over the years there have been many companies in the industries that have changed hands, moved on, changed names and went out of business.  We have had many opportunities to serve our clients with parts for their equipment. Flottmann Compressors, EcoAir Compressors, Storrington Industries (our old affiliate),  Worthington Compressors, Boge, Pacific Ranger, Binks Compressors, DeVilbiss Compressors. Kellogg American, Quincy Compressors.   We also supply parts for the compressors by such copanies as Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver, Kaeser, Champion, CompAir, Reavell, Jenny, Emglo.     
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