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Master Line Series

ML Series Reciprocating Air Compressors include the most standard features of any of our compressors, engineered for both your current and future needs. Standard equipment includes:

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction
  • Pressure lubrication system
  • Slow V-belt drive
  • Dynamically balanced flywheel
  • NEMA designed electric motor
  • Low power consumption
  • ASME approved air receiver
  • ASME approved safety relief valve
  • ASME approved tank outlet valve
  • OSHA approved enclosed beltguard
  • Large metal intake filter silencers
  • Manual condensate tank drain valve
  • Dial read-out pressure gauge
  • Factory Oil Filled
  • 5 year Limited Warranty
Master Line Series

Large Industrial Air Compressors

25-125 HP / Up to 250 P.S.I.G.

FSCURTIS has taken world-class compressed air power to a new level with our low speed, heavy cast iron, Large Industrial air compressor packages.

The Large Industrial Series gives you unsurpassed reliability by featuring low speed compressor pumps and electric motors to ensure a long, extended service life with low maintenance.

Standard Equipment includes:

  • Constant speed control
  • V-belt with multi-groove flywheel
  • Large metal intake filter silencers
  • OSHA approved enclosed belt guard
  • C-100 and C-150 are pressure lubricated with Centro-ring™ oil system
  • C-200, C-260 and C-300 are pressure lubricated with gear type oil pump to include full flow oil filter, oil pressure gauge and low oil pressure switch
  • Factory oil filled
  • 5 year limited warranty
Large Industrial Air Compressors

Optional Equipment:

  • Dual control
  • Low oil shutdown on C-100 and 150 models
  • High discharge air temperature shutdown
  • High inter stage air temperature shutdown
  • Water cooled aftercooler
  • Moisture separator for aftercooler
  • Automatic drain trap for separator
  • Automatic water throttle valve

Ultra Pack Compressors 15-30 HP

Fully Packed! All the Options You Need. Simplex & Duplex Packaged.

Standard Equipment includes:

  • CA series Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction or ML series Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction
  • ASME safety valve
  • ASME air receiver
  • Intake filter silencers
  • Tank shut off valve
  • Tank drain valve
  • Totally enclosed beltguard
  • Oil level sight indicator
  • Air cooled aftercooler
  • Magnetic motor starter
  • Dual control
  • Low oil level shutdown
  • Automatic tank drain
  • Tank isolator pads
  • Factory oil filled
  • 5 Year limited warranty
Ultra Pack Compressors

Climate Control Compressors

Climate Control Compressors

FSCURTIS Climate Control Compressors provide clean, dry air for instrument control equipment. Available in Simplex and Duplex models.

Standard Equipment includes: Large intake filter silencer, ASME National Board Stamped receiver, ASME safety relief valve, pressure gauge, receiver condensate drain valve, discharge line check valve, discharge line check valve, receiver shut-off valve, v-belt drive, NEMA motors and pressure switches, OSHA totally enclosed steel belt guard, crankcase lubrication level indicator, and pressure switch operated automatic start and stop control (Set 80 PSI).

Optional Accessories for the Simplex includes: Magnetic motor starters with overload protection and on/off switch, discharge air coalescer filters, low oil level shutdown, automatic condensate traps, air-cooled aftercoolers, refrigerated dryers, isolator pads, spring isolators, and PRV station.

Optional Accessories for the Duplex includes: Magnetic motor starters with overload protection and on/off switch, discharge air coalescer filters, low oil level shutdown, automatic condensate traps, air-cooled aftercoolers, refrigerated dryers, isolator pads, spring isolators, PRV station, and alternator panels-provides equal utilization of compressors to minimize maintenance downtime.

SE Series

SE Series

FSCURTIS SE Series oil-injected rotary screw air compressors combine American ingenuity, German engineering and emerging market content to provide you with world class innovation and maximum value.

Each quiet space-saving package incorporates eCOOL™ Technology to increase efficiency and deliver maximum performance and value for your energy dollars. Premium quality components are standard and each SE Series compressor features absolute rated filtration, energy efficient EPAct rated TEFC motors and airends with energy saving rotor profiles.

eCOOL™ is environmentaly friendly technology which combines smart compressor layout, component selection and location, cooling air flow and operation to minimize the impact of temperature on compressor efficiency and reliability.

Our advanced AIMSplus™ Controller manages the system and monitors temperatures and pressures to protect your investment and ensure you extract the maximum performance and energy efficiency from every kilowatt you use.


RS Series

RS Series

The RS Rotary Screw Air Compressor Series are designed and built for low energy consumption, easy and low cost service and flexible optional features for best application fit.

Standard and long life components, sound enclosure for work environment noise reduction, superior design and high quality ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing give you more air at a lower cost with higher reliability than any other supplier in the industry.


AF Series Automatic Flow Variable Speed

RS Series

FSCURTIS AF Series Energy Saving Air Compressors use industry leading Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology to support compressed air demand while using the least amount of input energy as possible. The Automatic Flow (AF) compressors are dependable, energy efficient and will provide years of reliable service. Designed, built and tested in the USA, AF Series is manufactured to the latest ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

Our precise pressure control feature maintains steady system pressure while air flow adjusts to system demand, allowing for maximum pay-back on your investment. You pay for the exact amount of energy required to operate your air system and not a penny more.


AF Series Automatic Flow Variable Speed

AF Series

FSCURTIS ZW Series Oil Free Screw Compressors produce totally Oil-Less air with a water injected compression process that is completely free of any hydrocarbons. Highly efficient, fixed speed models deliver up to 15% energy savings over dry screw type compressors. Low operating temperatures, slow direct-drive running speeds ensure high reliability with the most advanced air end in the industry.

Variable Speed Driven ZWV compressors offer an additional 30-35% energy savings and long life cycle to customers with variable air demand.

Naturally “Green” by design, each provides high quality air, low dB(A) noise levels, efficient use of energy, and no oil discharge to the environment. Even service costs are very low with no oil filters, oil separators or oil to dispose.

ZW’s 4-Stage Water Purification System with reverse osmosis membrane & water pump is furnished standard to remove all contaminants to provide clean, flat water to prevent contamination buildup on the internal components. Total water filtration, cleaning and automatic flushing ensure high air quality and long component life cycles.

Our advanced alphanumeric display Controller manages the system and monitors temperatures and pressures to protect your investment and ensure you extract the maximum performance and energy efficiency from every kilowatt you use. When your application requires clean, high quality air count on the ZW Series for truly oil-less air.

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Atlas Copco GX 2-11 (3-15 HP) Rotary Screw Lubricated Compressors



Atlas Copco GX screw compressors have always set the standard for reliability and performance in the compressed air industry.

  • With the new Atlas Copco GX 2-11 Lubricated Air Compressor, Atlas Copco brings the power and reliability of an industrial screw compressor to small and medium sized industry.
  • The GX 2-11 delivers silent power and total reliability.
  • The advanced sound dampening of these units insures that the sound level of the complete package is only 61 to 68 dB(A).
  • Atlas Copco screw compressors provide continuous, reliable service. Simplicity is designed in from the start by keeping its number of components to a minimum


Atlas Copco GA 7-15 VSD+ (10-20 HP) Air Compressors

Atlas Copco GA 7-15 VSD+ Lubricated Air Compressor


The Atlas Copco GA 7-15 VSD+ Lubricated Air Compressor closely monitors air demand and automatically adjusts the motor speed of Atlas Copco’s innovatively designed iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor. GA VSD+ compressors result in average energy savings of 50% and an average 37% reduction in the lifecycle cost of a compressor!

Proven Reliability

  • Standard VSD technology
  • No idling time or blow-off losses
  • Vertical, small footprint design
  • Fewer components
  • More than 25 endurance units running since 2009
  • Average 20% lower Specific Energy Requirement (SER) than current GA VSD models
  • Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 12% over the range

Superior Technology

  • Oil-cooled Atlas Copco interior Permanent Magnet (iPM) motor
  • Energy saving and low noise fan motor (ERP 2015)
  • iPM up to 94.5%, outperforming IE3 efficiency levels
  • Super efficient Atlas Copco GA Elektronikon® controller
  • Integrated dryer available


Atlas Copco GA 30-90 (40-125 HP)  Compressors

The Atlas Copco GA 30-90 VSD Lubricated Air Compressor is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217, Ed. 3, Annex C. The latest generation of Atlas Copco’s patented oil-injected screw element, powered by a maintenance-free drive system, ensures a long and trouble free life at the lowest operating cost. Engineered to provide reliability even in ambient temperatures up to 55°C/131°F, the GA takes reliability to a new level.

The cost of compressed air can represent over 40% of your total electrical costs. Atlas Copco wants to help you spend less. Our GA VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressors can reduce energy costs by an average of 35% and overall compressor lifecycle costs (LCC) by an average of 22% by tuning compressor capacity to the air demand. The resulting energy savings have a substantial environmental impact, reflecting Atlas Copco’s dedication to safeguarding a healthy future for the generations to come.

The GA brings the compressed air system to where you need it: the point of use. Its low noise operation and integrated air treatment equipment eliminate the need for a separate compressor room – reducing piping costs and internal system pressure drop. GA compressors are delivered ready for use, reducing installation costs to a minimum.